The Men in Sue's Life

He goes by many names - Overall Bill, Overall Andy, Sunbonnet Sam, Suspender Sam, Fisherman Jim, and many others.  Sue must have a lot of boyfriends!  Requests for "Little Boy" patterns are the most common type of e-mail that I get, so I got a small start here with a few patterns.  More will come!

turkeysam.jpg (18605 bytes)


Pattern to come


Our last Bill

This block was sewn by Julie Casey, a military wife living at Incirlik AB Turkey!  Julie writes:

"We moved here in April and right away I found a quilting group here on the base and have bonded with the other military wives in the group. We are doing Sue and Sam blocks and swap each month.  We make 2 each month. One to keep and one to swap.  We are down to the last Sue and "Bill", so in January we will swap our last Sue and in Feb it
will be ou
r last Bill."

Here's Julie showing off her block:

julie.jpg (16194 bytes)

Overall Andy

This old block was found on e-bay.  It is a great pattern.

Click here for a pattern


Sunbonnet Sam

This block is a very popluar one.  To piece it, I cut a strip of fabric wide enough for the pants and another wide enough for the shirt.  I sew them together and then cut out the applique piece.

The suspender strap is a strip of fabric, with the edges folded in and sewn in place.

Click here for a pattern

Farmer Jim

This block features a cowboy-style hat and very oversized pants.  I sew the shirt to the pants before cutting out the applique.  A button at the end of the strap would have been a nice touch.

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