Beginners Quilt

This quilt found its way into my collection through eBay.  I don’t have a lot of information on it and I really only bought it because it was inexpensive.  The blocks are sew together by machine, but the applique was done by hand with a large blanket stitch.  All the pink dresses are the same 1930s fabric and and all the  blue dresses are the same.  The stitching is primitive,  on some and better on other blocks.  I’d like to think it was a group project.  It could also be that the person learned more with each block and use the quilt to become a better stitcher.

Unfortunately, the thread is breaking down and the quilt is stained.  There is a layer of batting and a backing of solid pink, the same pink fabric used in the bonnets.



But what I love about this quilt is that someone loved it and used it.   Because Sue has her hands tucked in her pockets, we can think that maybe she has a secret!

Moving into the 21st Century

When I set up in 1997, I was trying to teach myself how to use HTML, the language of the internet.  The site started out on Geocities and in December of 1999, I purchased the name and moved to a “Do it yourself” web host called Hurricane Electric.  Since then the site has moved a few times, but I’ve kept it going all these years.

in 2016 I started moving the content to a WordPress platform.  As one of my teckie friends told me, “No one codes anymore.. find a platform”.  So this is new for me.

If you are looking for the old website, it is saved for posterity on Web Archives.  Go to  and type in and you’ll see how the site evolved since 2000 to today!